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BTS - The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki) Lyrics

[ar: BTS]
[ti: The Truth Untold (feat. Steve Aoki)]
[al: Love Yourself 轉 'Tear']
[by: YoeR]
[length: 04:02]
[00:01.62]Oeroumi gadeukhi (Full of loneliness)
[00:03.84]Pieoissneun i garden (This garden bloomed)
[00:05.90]Gasituseongi (Full of thorns)
[00:10.20]I moraeseonge nan nal maeeosseo (I bind myself in this sand castle)
[00:18.44]Neoui ireumeun mwonji (What is your name)
[00:20.75]Gal gosi issgin hanji (Do you have a place to go)
[00:23.00]Oh could you tell me?
[00:26.83]I jeongwone sumeodeun neol bwasseo (I saw you hiding in this garden)
[00:34.24]And I know
[00:35.49]Neoui ongin modu da jinjjaran geol (All of your warmth is real)
[00:40.79]Pureun kkocheul kkeokkneun son (The blue flower your hand was picking)
[00:43.16]Jabgo sipjiman (I want to hold it but)
[00:50.15]Nae unmyeongin geol (It’s my fate)
[00:52.59]Don't smile on me
[00:54.40]Lie to me
[00:56.89]Neoege dagaseol su eopseunikka (Because I can’t get closer to you)
[01:01.01]Naegen bulleojul ireumi eopseo (There’s no name you can call me)
[01:07.25]You know that I can't
[01:09.50]Show you me
[01:11.74]Give you me
[01:13.74]Chorahan moseub boyeojul sun eopseo (I can’t show you a ruined part of myself)
[01:17.92]Tto gamyeoneul sseugo neol mannareo ga (Once again I put a mask again and go to see you)
[01:23.16]But I still want you
[01:34.82]Oeroumui jeongwone pin (Bloomed in a garden of loneliness)
[01:37.31]Neoreul dalmeun kkoch (A flower that resembles you)
[01:39.37]Jugo sipeossji (I wanted to give it to you)
[01:43.68]Babo gateun gamyeoneul beotgoseo (After I take off this foolish mask)
[01:50.86]But I know
[01:52.10]Yeongwonhi geureol suneun eopsneun geol (I can't do that forever)
[01:57.25]Sumeoyaman haneun geol (I have to hide)
[01:59.55]Chuhan nanikka (Because I'm a monster)
[02:06.73]Nan duryeoun geol (I am afraid)
[02:09.10]Cholahae (I am shattered)
[02:10.97]I’m so afraid
[02:13.22]Gyeolgugen neodo nal tto tteonabeorilkka (That you will leave me again in the end)
[02:17.34]Tto gamyeoneul sseugo neol mannareo ga (Once again I put on a mask and go to see you)
[02:23.64]Hal su issneun geon (The only thing I can do)
[02:26.01]Jeongwone (In the garden)
[02:28.01]I sesange (In this world)
[02:30.26]Yeppeun neoreul dalmeun kkocheul piun daeum (Is to bloom a pretty flower that resembles you)
[02:34.50]Niga aneun naro sumswineun geot (And to breathe as the me that you know)
[02:39.55]But I still want you
[02:48.35]I still want you
[02:57.67]Eojjeomyeon geuttae (Maybe back then)
[03:00.11]Jogeumman (A little)
[03:01.98]Imankeumman (Just this much)
[03:04.41]Yonggil naeseo neoui ape seossdeoramyeon (If I had the courage to stand before you)
[03:08.53]Jigeum modeun geon dallajyeosseulkka (Would everything be different now)
[03:14.92]Nan ulgo isseo (I'm crying)
[03:16.98]Sarajin (That’s disappeared)
[03:19.04]Muneojin (That’s fallen)
[03:21.41]Hollo namgyeojin i moraeseongeseo (Left alone in this sandcastle)
[03:25.53]Buseojin gamyeoneul barabomyeonseo (Looking at this broken mask)
[03:30.90]And I still want you
[03:39.10]But I still want you
[03:47.65]But I still want you
[03:56.30]And I still want you
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