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A Teens - Back For More Lyrics

[ar:A Teens]
[ti:Back For More]
[al:Teen Spirit]

[00:01.19][00:45.16][01:28.59][02:15.42][02:32.79]When you think the party's over
[00:03.27][00:47.49][01:31.34][02:35.18]Look over your shoulder
[00:07.89][01:00.50][01:44.55][01:53.72][02:48.57]We'll be coming back for more
[00:19.19]I know I might seem weird
[00:23.00]One day I'm around, the next I disappear
[00:28.16]This is a crazy act
[00:31.78]But I won't think I'm kissing you till that's a fact
[00:36.36]Cause always, ever after and more
[00:49.47][01:33.47][02:37.12]I'm at your door, coming back for more
[00:53.91][01:37.86][02:41.75]Dancing in the moonlight
[00:56.03][01:40.08][02:44.01]Till the break of daylight
[00:58.28][01:41.91][02:45.95]Like we did before
[01:03.80]We're on a one-way ride
[01:06.95]And all I need is someone like you by my side
[01:12.11]You saw the movie too
[01:15.83]We'll ride into the sunset like they always do
[01:20.41]For all days, all nights
[01:24.75]I'll hurt some more
[01:56.22]If I'm still number one
[02:00.56]The one you're looking for
[02:05.02]I won't be gone for long
[02:07.24]No, I'll be back for more
[02:20.56]Just look over your shoulder
[02:24.45]We're coming back for more
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