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A teens - fire fly Lyrics

[ti:fire fly]
[ar:A teens]
[al:fire fly]

[00:02.85]A teens- fire fly
[00:18.31]When I said go I never meant away
[00:24.00]You ought to know the freaky games we play
[00:30.00]Could you forgive and learn how to forget
[00:35.00]Hear me as I'm calling out your name
[00:41.00][01:01.00][01:30.00][01:51.00][02:18.00][02:40.00][03:01.00]Firefly come back to me
[00:44.00][01:34.00][02:20.00][02:44.00]make the night as bring as day
[00:47.00][01:36.00][02:23.00][02:47.00]I'll be looking out for you
[00:50.00][01:39.00][02:26.00][02:50.00]Tell me that your lonely too
[00:53.00][01:42.00][02:29.00][02:53.00]Firefly come lead me on
[00:56.00][01:45.00][02:32.00][02:56.00]follow you into the sun that's the way it ought to be
[01:08.00]You and me
[01:10.00]we shared a wistery
[01:14.00]We were so close
[01:16.00]like honey to the bee
[01:20.00]And if you tell me how to make you understand
[01:25.00]I'm minor in a major kind a way
[01:54.00][02:07.00]Fly firefly through the sky
[01:58.00]come and play with my desire
[02:01.00]Don't be long,don't ask why
[02:04.00]I can't wait another night
[02:10.00]Wait another night
[02:12.00]Don't be long
[02:38.00]Firefly come back
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