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A Teens - Gimme Gimme Gimme Lyrics

[ar:A Teens]
[ti:Gimme Gimme Gimme]
[00:00.00]Ca khúc: Gimme Gimme Gimme
[00:04.00]Trình bày: A Teens
[00:06.00][00:54.30][01:17.49][02:07.17][02:44.17][03:16.73][03:44.87][03:54.72]Ca khúc: Gimme Gimme Gimme - Trình bày: A Teens
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[00:23.87]Half past twelve and
[00:25.80]I'm watching the late
[00:27.46]Show in my
[00:28.31]flat all alone
[00:29.96]How I hate to spend
[00:31.33]the evening on my own
[00:34.92]Autumn wind's blowing
[00:37.13]outside my window as
[00:39.06]I look around the
[00:40.28]room and it makes me
[00:42.09]So depressed to
[00:43.22]see the gloom
[00:46.22]There's not a
[00:47.07]soul out there
[00:50.65]no one to hear
[00:51.75][02:04.65][03:14.17]my prayer
[00:59.76][01:08.59][02:12.63][02:21.46][02:30.29][02:39.13][03:22.19][03:39.84][03:48.68]gimme gimme
[01:00.88][01:09.69][02:13.78][02:22.57][02:31.39][02:40.24][03:23.29][03:32.12][03:40.97]a man after midnight
[01:03.35][02:16.21][03:25.77]Won't somebody help me
[01:05.29][02:18.15][03:27.70]chase the shadow away
[01:12.17][02:25.05][03:34.60]Take it thru' the
[01:13.57][02:26.45][03:36.00]darkness to the break
[01:14.95][02:27.80][03:37.36]Of the day
[01:36.75]Movies stars find
[01:38.66]the end of the
[01:39.90]rainbow with
[01:40.88]a fortune to win
[01:42.82]It's so diff'rent
[01:43.93]from the world
[01:44.74]I'm living in
[01:47.78]Tired of
[01:48.89]TV I open
[01:50.81]the window and
[01:51.94]I gaze into
[01:53.03]the night but
[01:54.14]there's nothing
[01:54.97]there to see no
[01:56.08]one in sight
[01:59.37]not a soul out there
[02:03.50]No one to hear
[03:08.93]not a soul
[03:09.76]out there No
[03:13.35]one to hear
[03:30.47]Gimme gimme gimme
[03:49.79]a man after
[03:57.72]Chúc các bạn nghe nhạc vui vẽ
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