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A Teens - Hi And Goodbye Lyrics

[ti:Hi And Goodbye]
[ar:A Teens]
[al:Pop Til You Drop]
[00:01.85]Artist: A-Teens
[00:03.98]Album: Pop Til You Drop
[00:05.87]Title: Hi And Goodbye

[00:11.60]I see you walking down the street
[00:14.19]I catch your eye before we meet
[00:16.82]But you look down to check your feet
[00:22.25]I wish I'd say are you okay?
[00:24.69]You're looking better everyday
[00:27.59]But I just smile and walk away
[00:33.02][01:37.69]Why did two lovers
[00:35.66][01:40.21]End up like strangers
[00:38.37][01:42.93]When did we stop seeing eye to eye

[03:01.13][02:39.53][01:48.29][00:43.48]Everyday you took my breath away
[03:05.45][02:43.88][01:52.55][00:47.53]But now theres no reply
[03:08.48][02:46.92][01:55.68][00:50.75]Only hi, goodbye
[03:11.20][02:49.61][01:58.25][00:53.62]Like a dream come true
[03:13.37][02:51.78][02:00.80][00:56.00]When it was me and you
[03:16.23][02:54.58][02:03.13][00:58.58]Now I just don't know why
[03:19.20][02:57.63][02:06.38][01:01.66]We say hi and
[03:20.85][02:59.24][02:08.10][01:03.33]Hi and goodbye(Hi and goodbye)

[01:16.10]I know it sounds like a cliche
[01:18.84]But when I pass our old cafe
[01:21.58]It always feels like yesterday (like yesterday)
[01:26.85]We shared a blanket in the cold
[01:29.59]To give a promise made of gold
[01:32.23]We had a deal through heart and soul

[02:11.50]I remember the way
[02:14.33]We always had words to say
[02:18.85]And nothing could tear us apart
[02:22.75]I knew you by heart
[02:25.71]We were eye to eye
[02:28.71]Now we're only hi and goodbye(Hi and goodbye)

[03:30.83][04:02.81]Hi and goodbye (goodbye)
[03:41.41]Hi and goodbye
[03:52.14]Hi and goodbye (ooh ooh ooh ooh ooh)
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