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A Teens - Morning Light Lyrics

[ti:Morning Light]
[ar:A Teens]
[al:Morning Light]
[00:00.00]Morning Light
[00:11.21]Once upon a time I was a young man
[00:15.14]always knew what I wanted to do
[00:19.75]These times were still the best as I remember
[00:24.53]Cause nothing was impossible to me

[00:29.90]Then one day I met you and I still wonder
[00:34.46]How you could make my dreams come through so fast
[00:38.71]I doubted that such a miracle would happen
[00:43.52]But you saw something deep inside of me

[00:47.65][00:52.31][00:57.12][02:44.27][02:22.57][01:34.90][02:48.70][02:29.13][01:39.26][02:53.51][02:33.91][01:43.97]I believe in the morning light
[00:49.55][02:46.20][02:26.59][01:36.89]When I know you′ll be calling
[00:54.37][02:50.79][02:31.41][01:41.43]When I know you′ll be there
[00:59.08][02:55.55][02:36.33][01:46.15]Where I know I will see your face again
[01:03.77][03:00.65][01:51.69]You will be free, you′ll be there

[01:16.55]I can′t accept the fact that you are gone now
[01:21.33]Somehow there is a way just tell me how
[01:26.34]I′ll stay around as long as it may take you
[01:30.78]to turn around and see that I′m still here

[02:41.25]You will be free
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