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Alan Walker - Faded (Instrumental) (Dash Berlin Remix) Lyrics

[ti:Faded (Dash Berlin Remix)]
[ar:Alan Walker]
[al:Faded (Remixes)]

[00:00.06]Faded (Dash Berlin Remix) - Alan Walker
[00:00.78]Written by:Alan Walker/Jesper Borgen/Anders Froen/Gunnar Greve
[00:48.45]You were the shadow to my light
[00:51.21]Did you feel us
[00:54.85]Another start
[00:56.65]You fade away
[00:58.50]Afraid our aim is out of sight
[01:01.33]Wanna see us
[01:07.38]Where are you now
[01:12.32]Where are you now
[01:17.24]Where are you now
[01:19.56]Was it all in my fantasy
[01:22.04]Where are you now
[01:24.31]Were you only imaginary
[01:26.69]Where are you now
[01:31.27]Under the sea
[01:33.43]Under the sea
[01:35.67]Where are you now
[01:37.88]Another dream
[01:40.55]The monsters running wild inside of me
[01:43.67]I'm faded
[01:58.44]I'm faded
[02:13.80]I'm faded
[02:28.47]I'm faded
[02:44.51]Where are you now
[02:58.70]I'm faded
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