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Arctic Monkeys - Dangerous Animals Lyrics

[ar:Arctic Monkeys]
[ti:Dangerous Animals]

[00:00.00]Arctic Monkeys' "Dangerous Animals"
[00:00.02](Pinned down by the dark)
[00:12.02]Been fighting with my sheets
[00:15.46]Nearly crying in my sleep
[00:20.42]Yes, I'm battering that welt-up gripe
[00:22.94]The most frustrating type
[00:24.90]You should have racing stripes
[00:26.96]The way you keep me in pursuit
[00:30.82]Sharpen the heel of your boot
[00:34.73]And you press it in my chest
[00:36.49]And you make me weeze
[00:38.24]Into my knees you do promote me
[00:43.10][01:48.33][02:32.78][02:39.90]I'm pinned down by the dark
[00:49.48][01:54.80]Makes my head pirouette
[00:53.02][01:58.32]More than I will be willing to confess
[01:16.87]The night it fidgets through
[01:20.35]The thought will soon revert to you
[01:24.99]I'm about as bashful as a tribal dance
[01:28.09]The first and final chance
[01:29.99]And course the audience
[01:32.51]Are frighteners and thieves
[01:35.75]Divided up into two teams
[01:40.95]When the acrobat fell off the beam
[01:44.18]She broke everyone's hearts
[02:09.28]The most unsuitable bred
[02:12.73]It's been long enough now
[02:14.55]So let's make a mess, lioness
[03:15.12]D-A-N-G-E-R-O-U-S A-N-I-M-A-L
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