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Artful Dodger - Twenty Four Seven Lyrics

[ti:Twenty Four Seven]
[ar:Artful Dodger]

[00:15.32]Twentyfour seven
[00:19.84][00:28.88][01:14.25][01:23.93][02:09.13][02:19.04][02:28.29][02:38.05][02:47.47][02:55.82][03:04.95][03:14.23][03:23.44][03:32.58]If you want me there to do you right
[00:21.91][00:31.06][01:17.00][01:26.14][02:12.13][02:21.30][02:31.32][02:40.34][02:48.93][02:58.08][03:07.26][03:16.43][03:25.62][03:34.84]To love you day and night
[00:24.26][00:33.42][01:19.39][01:28.56][02:14.52][02:23.70][02:33.61][02:42.72][02:51.22][03:00.46][03:09.63][03:18.79][03:28.07][03:37.17]24/7 love you know just what I need is what I need
[00:38.01]Any morning, any evening
[00:39.78]In the Winter, Spring or Summer
[00:42.33]Whether its early, or it's late
[00:44.30]It doesn't matter, any time
[00:46.62]Tender loving, sweet devotion
[00:48.95]Every second, minute, hour
[00:51.42]I'll be waiting for you
[00:53.81]Come put your loving on the line
[00:55.84][01:50.70]Take me in your arms and let me know that it's alright
[01:00.97][01:56.13]Look into my eyes and let me see you deep inside
[01:05.02][02:00.18]24 hours a day, 7 days a week
[01:09.60][02:04.76]I need to feel you here beside me,
[01:11.94][02:07.11]I need to hold and squeeze you tight
[01:33.05]I'll be praying, asking, saying
[01:34.89]Yeah someone like you just found me
[01:37.20]Something special I belong to
[01:39.46]I can be yours and you'll be mine
[01:41.69]While you're phoning, filled with passion
[01:44.05]In my heart you know I'm yearning
[01:46.39]Want to please you, touch you
[01:48.89]Send me your loving right on time
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