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Bonnie Tyler - Holding Out For A Hero Lyrics

[ar:Bonnie Tyler]
[ti:Holding Out For A Hero]
[00:02.34]Holding on for a Hero

[00:11.70]Jim steinman and dean pitchford

[00:31.60]Where have all the good men gone
[00:35.23]And where are all the gods?
[00:38.31]Wheres the street-wise hercules
[00:41.47]To fight the rising odds?
[00:44.84]Isnt there a white knight upon a fiery steed?
[00:51.15]Late at night toss and turn and dream of what I need

[00:57.47][01:10.46][02:02.78][02:15.97][02:28.28][03:34.38][03:48.70][04:01.76][04:14.33][04:27.51]I need a hero
[00:59.46][02:05.52][02:32.60][03:38.26][04:03.88][04:29.57]Im holding out for a hero til the end of the night
[01:03.84][02:09.22][03:42.20][04:08.07]Hes gotta be strong
[01:05.65][02:11.09][03:44.01][04:09.57]And hes gotta be fast
[01:07.29][02:12.98][03:45.63][04:11.26]And hes gotta be fresh from the fight
[01:12.90][02:18.53][03:51.32][04:16.82]Im holding out for a hero til the morning light
[01:16.47][02:22.16][03:55.07][04:20.94]Hes gotta be sure
[01:18.34][02:24.28][03:56.76][04:22.38]And its gotta be soon
[01:20.09][02:25.90][03:58.51][04:24.26]And hes gotta be larger than life

[01:36.78]Somewhere after midnight
[01:39.09]In my wildest fantasy
[01:42.34]Somewhere just beyond my reach
[01:45.53]Theres someone reaching back for me
[01:48.78]Racing on the thunder and rising with the heat
[01:54.90]Its gonna take a superman to sweep me off my feet

[03:00.53]Up where the mountains meet the heavens above
[03:06.29]Out where the lightning splits the sea
[03:09.36]I would swear that theres someone somewhere
[03:12.10]Watching me

[03:15.17]Through the wind and the chill and the rain
[03:18.60]And the storm and the flood
[03:22.04]I can feel his approach
[03:23.98]Like the fire in my blood
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