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Boyce Avenue - Mr brightside Lyrics

[ar:Boyce Avenue]
[ti:Mr brightside]
[by:Hadi Siswoyo]
[00:00.00]Boyce Avenue - Mr. Brightside
[00:09.35]Coming out of my cage
[00:10.90][01:35.50]And I've been doin' just fine
[00:13.00][01:36.80]Gotta gotta be down
[00:14.20][01:38.65]Because I want it all
[00:15.90][01:40.70]It started out with a kiss
[00:17.45][01:41.20]How did it end up like this?
[00:19.15][00:20.60][01:43.95][01:44.50]It was only a kiss

[00:22.40][01:46.20]Now I'm falling asleep
[00:24.00][01:48.85]And she's calling a cab
[00:25.55][01:50.45]While he's having a smoke
[00:27.40][01:52.10]And she's taking a drag

[00:28.90][01:53.70]Now they're going to bed
[00:30.50][01:55.25]And my stomach is sick
[00:32.15][01:56.90]And it's all in my head
[00:33.70][01:58.35]But she's touching his chest now
[00:35.60][02:01.50]He takes off her dress now
[00:38.85][02:03.35]Let me go
[00:48.30]And I just can't look
[00:50.35][02:15.10]It's killing me
[00:54.05][02:18.75]And taking control

[01:02.55][02:27.35]Turning saints into the sea
[01:05.80][02:30.60]Swimming through sick lullabies
[01:09.05][02:33.80]Choking on your alibis
[01:12.25][02:37.05]But it's just the price I pay
[01:15.50][02:40.35]Destiny is calling me
[01:19.70][02:43.55]Open up my eager eyes
[01:24.00]'Cause I'm Mr. Brightside

[01:33.35]I'm coming out of my cage

[02:13.05]'Cause I just can't look

[02:48.75]'Cause i'm Mr. Brightside

[03:03.30][03:10.75][03:17.15][03:23.95]I never
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