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Cacophony - Savage Lyrics

[by:DarK VisIoN]
[01:16.24][05:10.79]By: DarK VisIoN
[01:21.61]He is one lier
[01:23.04]im watch this
[01:24.66]don't go i haunting take
[01:27.40]im a savior
[01:29.01]we take are you
[01:30.56]dont run you can escape
[01:33.67]im haunt heats
[01:36.54][02:46.97]im haunting for you
[01:39.47][02:49.90]you can not wish never cross the
[01:42.76][02:53.07]win and thruth
[01:45.37][02:55.87]im breath
[01:48.11][02:58.61]someting im breath
[01:51.10][03:01.48]no haunting nats you never in you get away
[01:59.00][03:09.43][04:47.52][04:51.50]im a savage
[02:04.78][03:15.23][04:57.53]in the night
[02:32.36]Keep runing
[02:33.79]for a chance
[02:35.29]what you don't satand a chance
[02:38.14]im a winner
[02:39.57]you losser
[02:41.07]this is you final chance
[02:44.05]im haunth heads
Published: 31-01-2017
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