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Chino - Protected featuring stephen di genius mcgregor Lyrics

[ti:Protected featuring stephen di genius mcgregor]
[al:Reggae Gold 2009]
[00:11.13]Big up to the friends, the fans, the fakers and the enemies,
[00:13.75]Forever keep me bredda Craig Dennis inna me memories,
[00:16.81]Tink me nuh remember nuff a dem come wid agenda say
[00:19.48]Dem got you still dem chat you tell me now what kinda friend dem is
[00:22.29]Nuff a dem did hot now dem a pop down an a reminisce,
[00:25.00]True we gone a lead now dem a pree we as dem nemesis,
[00:28.05]Lyrics to the beats, we have the streets, we have the leverage
[00:30.80]Dem try fi give we poison spliff or alcoholic beverage
[00:33.60]Hater dem, dem nah've nuttn fi do dem have a terrible case of boredom
[00:37.09]Everyday dem write up fuckry pon dem forum bout
[00:41.17]Chino dis, Stephen dat, wah fi see we slow down
[00:44.07]A chat a bag a ting but tell dem we nuh fraid a no tongue

[00:46.57][01:54.04]True dem badmind
[00:47.64][00:58.99][01:55.35][02:06.92][02:18.13][02:29.18]Dem a try stop we glory and
[00:49.89][01:01.18][01:57.60][02:08.99][02:20.31][02:31.43]Dem never know half of the story
[00:52.88][01:04.12][02:00.49][02:12.00][02:22.95][02:33.86]When dem a fight we,
[00:54.00][01:05.37][02:01.93][02:13.06][02:24.19][02:35.54]We still nuh worry cause dem never know we protected
[01:08.81]Hear weh dem say
[01:09.75]Him only buss because him ride offa di boss name,
[01:12.19]When me just a buss me never (advertise me last name)
[01:15.31]Me nuh inna music fi nuh hype nuh fast fame
[01:17.99]Dem nuh plant nuh corn and want fi reap up every last grain,
[01:20.79]Nuff a dem sell out fi try live life inna di fast lane,
[01:23.53]See say dem nuh firm dem weaker than me gucci glass frame,
[01:26.65]Me see right through dem is like dem have a glass frame
[01:29.21]Try fi bruck me medz but tell dem me nuh have nuh glass brain
[01:32.21]Dem say we bread butter true we a di captain offspring
[01:35.70]Dem nuh know we struggles or we past pain, (street respect)
[01:38.20]Crazy love anytime we go cross Spain,
[01:40.70]Nuff a dem can't go Fletchers, Drewsland or past pain,
[01:43.51]Ask frame! who fah music the streets been blasting,
[01:46.25]Everything IRIE me ZIP lock HITs ask FAME
[01:49.24]Haters been asking how him a play so often,
[01:51.86]Wuss true Nestle and Coca Cola start endorse him
[02:48.21]Dem never know we protected
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