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Club 8 - Kill Kill Kill Lyrics

[ar: Club 8]
[ti: Kill Kill Kill]
[al: Above the City]
[by: msrl.]
[length: 03:25]
[01:14.09]I always cared for those who kill
[01:17.01]Now throw another life into this fire.
[01:25.73]The wondrous smell, the sensual touch
[01:28.73]You lick your fingers and enjoy the sight.
[01:37.42]To me all your sacred lies… seem right.
[01:48.89]If ever questions would arise
[01:51.92]You through this eye, you’ll look into their eyes
[02:00.66]It's not sure if it's a fight, it's right.
[02:12.26]The voices from the other side
[02:15.24]Gotta hope they can absorb their chronic
[02:23.98]Don't let the kids disturb their minds
[02:27.35]Killer us, they're safely out off sight.
[02:35.73]It's not sure if it's a fight, it's right.
[02:47.58]Uh uh uhhh
Published: 02-04-2016
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