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[00:34.04][04:10.30]Look at the stars
[00:36.91][03:45.03][03:56.08][04:01.57][04:12.62]Look how they shine for you
[00:42.54]And everything you do
[00:48.22]Yeah, they were all yellow

[00:50.97]I came along
[00:53.77]I wrote a song for you
[00:59.33]And all the things you do
[01:04.75]And it was called "Yellow"
[01:09.93]So then I took my turn
[01:15.81]Oh what a thing to have done
[01:21.30][02:44.25]And it was all "Yellow"
[01:29.78][02:52.74]Your skin
[01:32.15]Oh yeah, your skin and bones
[01:35.27][02:58.29]Turn into something beautiful
[01:40.76]And you know,
[01:43.57][01:48.75]You know I love you so
[02:13.83]I swam across
[02:16.70]I jumped across for you
[02:22.26][02:38.70]Oh what a thing to do
[02:27.65]'Cause you were all "Yellow"
[02:30.46]I drew a line
[02:33.33]I drew a line for you
[02:55.30]Oh yeah your skin and bones
[03:03.72]And you know
[03:06.40][03:11.46]For you I'd bleed myself dry
[03:36.11]It's true, look how they shine for you
[03:50.71]Look how they shine for
[04:07.56]Look how they shine
[04:18.54]And all the things that you do
Published: 02-04-2016
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