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Cowboy Bebop - Blue Lyrics

[ar: Cowboy Bebop]
[ti: Blue]
[al: Blue]
[by: ekkaia_lothluin2072]

[00:54.87]Never seen a blue sky
[00:59.29]Yeah I can feel it reaching out
[01:01.98]And moving closer
[01:07.34]There's something about blue
[01:19.70]Asked myself what it's all for
[01:24.63]You know the funny thing about it
[01:27.13]I couldn't answer
[01:31.93]No I couldn't answer
[01:39.29]Things have turned a deeper shade of blue
[01:44.54]And images that might be real
[01:46.78]May be illusion
[01:51.96]Keep flashing off and on
[02:07.00]Wanna be free
[02:16.67]Gonna be free
[02:27.53]And move among the stars
[02:31.83]You know they really aren't so far
[02:36.39]Feels so free
[02:46.75]Gotta know free
[03:06.90]Don't wake me from the dream
[03:11.40]It's really everything it seemed
[03:16.02]I'm so free
[03:22.19]No black and white in the blue
[04:33.77]Everything is clearer now
[04:38.63]Life is just a dream you know
[04:40.94]That's never ending
[04:46.37]I'm ascending
Published: 15-08-2017
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