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ELO - Above the clouds Lyrics

[ti:Above the clouds]
[00:00.00]Electric Light Orchestra - Above the Clouds
[00:04.06]lrc by 2007
[00:05.28](Oh - In the heat of the night)
[00:10.00](Well, when thinks aren't going right)
[00:16.35](No no no no no no)
[00:18.94](It will never be)
[00:22.91]I came along to see your face,
[00:26.81]But the only thing I got from you,
[00:34.36]Was telling me it's fantasy,
[00:38.67]That you would always be with me,
[00:42.63]I can tell you that it's true
[00:45.58](I can tell you that it's true)
[00:50.68][01:38.94]I'm waiting here,
[00:54.84]But it's alright
[01:01.12]It's alright with me,
[01:03.55][01:52.59]You better believe me now.
[01:10.12]I guess it's like a mountain side,
[01:15.02]You gotta climb it to the top,
[01:22.75]Floating in a sea of dreams
[01:27.11]The only thing that you can see
[01:29.85]Is the view above the clouds.
[01:34.12](Is the view above the clouds.)
[01:43.41]But it's alright,
[01:49.85]Still it's alright with me,
Published: 25-12-2016
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