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Faith No More - Easy Lyrics

[ar:Faith No More]
[00:00.00]Ca khúc: Easy
[00:04.00]Trình bày: Faith No More
[00:06.00][01:46.37][01:55.94][02:59.54]Ca khúc: Easy - Trình bày: Faith No More
[00:07.00][01:47.37][01:56.94][03:00.54]Upload bởi Nguyễn Kim Vỹ
[00:09.00][01:49.37][01:58.94][03:01.54]Phần mềm: Zing Lyric Extractor
[00:16.56]YA KNOW
[00:18.17]BUT I JUST CAN'T
[00:19.40]STAND THE PAIN
[00:24.74]GIRL I'M LEAVIN' YOU
[00:32.10]SEEMS TO ME GIRL
[00:33.93]YOU KNOW
[00:34.37]I'VE DONE ALL I CAN
[00:40.21]YOU SEE I BEGGED
[00:42.13]AND I BORROWED
[00:49.93][01:05.34][02:28.56][02:44.09]THAT'S WHY I'M EASY
[00:56.13][01:11.74][02:34.81][02:50.28]I'M EASY
[00:56.88][01:12.40][02:35.56][02:51.00]LIKE SUNDAY MORNIN'
[01:01.66]YEAH YEAH
[01:20.29]I WANNA BE HIGH
[01:24.73]SO HIGH
[01:28.08]I WANNA BE
[01:29.22]FREE TO KNOW
[01:30.73]THE THINGS I DO
[01:32.52]ARE RIGHT
[01:35.80]I WANNA BE FREE
[01:40.20]JUST ME
[01:43.72]OH BABY
[02:22.97]OOH HOO
[02:26.66]OH OH
[03:02.54]Chúc các bạn nghe nhạc vui vẽ
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