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Fm Static - Moment of truth Lyrics

[ar:Fm Static]
[ti:Moment of truth]
[00:13.20]Here we are, in the best years of our lives.
[00:18.76]With no way of knowing, when the
[00:21.54]whee'll stop spinning cause we don't
[00:24.20]know where we're going...
[00:26.48]and here we are, on the best day of our lives.
[00:32.20]And it's a go, lets make it last, so cheers you
[00:35.76]all to that, 'cause this moment's never comin' back
[00:40.14][01:46.31][02:52.79]I used to know her brother, but I never
[00:42.06][01:48.75][02:54.79]knew I loved her, 'till the day she laid her
[00:44.14][01:50.78][02:57.06]eyes on me. Now I'm jumpin' up and down,
[00:47.73][01:54.54][03:00.90]she's the only one around, and she means
[00:50.17][01:56.73][03:03.18]every little thing to me
[00:52.86][01:58.95][03:05.39]I've got your picture in my wallet, and your
[00:56.76][02:03.21][03:09.65]Phone number to call it, and I miss you more,
[01:01.29][02:08.18][03:14.43]Whenever I think about you,. I've got
[01:06.71][02:13.09][03:19.43]your mixed tape in my Walkman, been so
[01:10.37][02:16.51][03:23.06]long since we've been talkin' and in a few
[01:14.12][02:20.42][03:26.84]more days, we'll both hook up, forever and ever

[01:20.00]And here I am, on the west coast of
[01:25.32]America and I've been tryin' to think for weeks of
[01:31.07]all the ways to ask you, And now
[01:34.76]I've brought you to the place, Where I've
[01:38.39]poured my heart out, a million times, for a million
[01:42.50]reasons, To offer it to you
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