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Inna - Love Lyrics

[00:00.10]INNA - LOVE
[00:01.00]bY RuSEn1993
[00:02.89][01:17.87][02:17.90][03:02.90][03:17.60]Come back and set me free
[00:04.30][01:19.30][02:19.29][03:04.29][03:19.00]Now from infinity
[00:06.30][01:21.30][02:21.29][03:06.29][03:21.00]Love is a mistery
[00:08.30][01:23.30][02:23.29][03:08.29][03:23.00]Distance is killing me
[00:10.20][01:25.00][02:25.20][03:10.20][03:24.90]Come back I need you now
[00:11.90][01:26.90][02:26.90][03:11.90][03:26.60]You are the love I found
[00:13.99][01:28.90][02:28.99][03:12.99][03:28.20]I feel above the ground
[00:16.20]You take me round and round
[00:32.50][00:40.50]Am I dreaming?
[00:36.50]What I feel tonight about you and I.
[00:43.50]I can feel your love when I hold you tight.
[00:48.55]I just wanna love you
[00:50.50]And you're the one I need you.
[00:52.69]And I just wanna give all my love I have.
[00:56.65]With my lips I'm feeling
[00:57.99]And then I say I mean it
[00:59.69]Cause you're the only one that I feel tonight.
[01:31.10][02:31.20][03:15.20][03:30.60]You take me round and round.
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