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Jay Jay Johanson - New Years Eve Lyrics

[ar: Jay Jay Johanson]
[ti: New Years Eve]
[al: The Long Term Physical Effects Are Not Yet Known]
[by: myxomatosis]
[length: 04:28]

[00:25.15]Tonight it's New Year's eve
[00:30.58]Another year passed by
[00:36.63]Will you be there by my side
[00:48.17]I can feel tears begin
[00:54.04]Running down on my chin
[00:59.84]Twelve months of holding in it
[01:11.32]New Year's Eve
[01:13.82]Why you decide to choose me
[01:20.18]Delib'rately abuse me
[01:25.30]You let her say goodbye
[01:34.85]I keep on wandering
[01:40.34]When did you stop to sing
[01:46.42]I hope you'll find it one day
[02:43.83]New Year's Eve
[02:46.70]You've come just too confuse me
[02:52.38]And now in my rear view I see
[02:57.99]Now look what you have done
[03:06.85]New Year's Eve
[03:09.85]You never did seduce me
[03:15.28]There's not enough excuses
[03:21.14]What did I do so wrong
[03:30.63]I know we've both been trying
[03:35.87]There's been a lot of crying
[03:41.73]But also moments of laughs
Published: 19-10-2016
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