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Johan - Tomorrow Lyrics

[00:07.83][02:16.38]Once upon a time, somewhere down the line
[00:11.63]Something came along, gave us peace of mind
[00:14.92]The word is on, before too long will I be gone
[00:22.95]Blame it on the moon, blame it on the stars
[00:26.68]He was selling out, selling guns where you want
[00:30.10]Nowhere to go, it's all been fucked up long ago
[00:38.75][01:31.50][02:32.55]No need to run and hide
[00:41.36][01:34.17][02:35.03]Cause tomorrow will come to cancel the future
[00:45.47][01:38.03][02:39.01]Tomorrow's a gun, loaded confusion
[00:49.07][01:41.95]Tomorrow it's on, there is nobody left to complain
[00:55.67]This will last to eternity
[01:00.83]Trouble on the phone, early morning call
[01:04.31]Time is running out, gonna have a ball
[01:07.80]The word is on before too long we're dead and gone
[01:15.70]Tell it to the world, tell it to the sky
[01:19.37]Tell it to the trees, find that no one can reply
[01:22.79]You got it all, such building bombs are just enough
[01:47.48][02:47.91][03:06.69]We're telling words to eternity
[02:20.11]Something very strong came along, blew our mind
[02:23.41]Without a fault, today I think we lost it all
[02:42.68][03:01.28]Tomorrow it's on, there's nobody left to complain
[02:54.25]Tomorrow will come
[02:55.81]Yeah, tomorrow's a gun
Published: 25-10-2018
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