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John Lennon - Imagine Lyrics

[ar:John Lennon]
[ti:Imagine ]
[00:01.20]Artist: John Lennon
[00:02.51]Title: Imagine
[00:03.64]By: Rosa Alves
[00:15.20]Imagine there's no heaven
[00:20.51]It's easy if you try
[00:26.20]No hell below us
[00:31.65]Above us only sky
[00:39.01][01:15.32][02:18.77]Imagine all the people
[00:43.57]Living for today
[00:52.95]Imagine there's no countries
[00:57.83]It isn't hard to do
[01:02.51]Nothing to kill or die for
[01:08.88]And no religion too
[01:21.70]Living life in peace
[01:29.14][02:33.20]You may say, I'm a dreamer
[01:34.95][02:40.95]But I'm not the only one
[01:41.08][02:46.33]I hope some day you'll join us
[01:48.57]And the world will be as one
[01:56.32]Imagine no possessions
[02:01.46]I wonder if you can
[02:07.01]No need for greed or hunger
[02:12.07]A Brotherhood of man
[02:25.20]Sharing all the world
[02:53.45]And the world will live as one
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