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John Mayer - 20 I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You) Lyrics

[ar:John Mayer]
[ti:20 I Don't Trust Myself (With Loving You)]
[00:07.80]Offset: 0
[00:11.17](Ray Charles cover)
[00:23.86][00:33.68][00:56.82][03:00.99]I don't need no doctor
[00:26.34][00:37.22]'Cause I know whats ailing me
[00:45.44]I've been too long away from my baby, yeah
[00:48.30]I'm coming down with a misery
[01:00.49][01:11.50]for my prescription to be filled
[01:03.91][01:15.86][01:29.67][03:22.44](Don't need no doctor)
[01:07.33]I don't need no doctor, tell you now
[01:15.68][01:28.92][03:19.95](I don't need no doctor)
[01:19.90]Only my baby's arms could ever
[01:23.01]Could ever take away this chill
[01:31.54]Now the doctor say I need rest
[01:33.71]Before I need her tenderness
[01:36.26]Put me on the critical list
[01:38.75]When all I need is her sweet kiss
[01:41.73]Gave me a medicated lotion
[01:44.60]But it didn't soothe my emotion
[03:04.15][03:15.79]For my hope to live is gone
[03:11.25]I don't need no doctor, no no
[03:23.87]All I need is my baby, please
[03:26.67]Won't you please just come on home
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Published: 22-09-2016
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