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John Mayer - Back To You (EP Version) Lyrics

[ti:Back to You (EP Version)]
[ar:John Mayer]
[al:Inside Wants Out]

[00:00.04]Back To You - John Mayer
[00:21.40]Back to you
[00:23.53]It always comes around
[00:25.86]Back to you
[00:28.56]I tried to forget you
[00:30.96]I tried to stay away
[00:33.77]But it's too late
[00:40.70]Over you
[00:42.88]I'm never over
[00:45.43]Over you
[00:47.97]Something about you
[00:50.30]It's just the way you move
[00:53.19]The way you move me
[00:58.81]Yeah I'm so good at forgetting
[01:04.97]And I quit every game I play
[01:10.40]But forgive me love
[01:14.11]I can't turn and walk away
[01:37.56]Back to you
[01:40.63]It always comes around
[01:43.50]Back to you
[01:45.54]I walk with your shadow
[01:48.36]I'm sleeping in my bed
[01:51.10]With your silhouette
[01:56.78]Yeah should have smiled in that picture
[02:03.29]If it's the last that I'll see of you
[02:08.43]It's the least that you
[02:12.25]Could not do
[02:23.77]Leave the light on
[02:28.05]I'll never give up on you
[02:33.06]Leave the light on
[02:37.00]For me too
[02:41.78]For me too
[02:46.69]For me too yeah
[03:12.82]Back to me
[03:14.83]I know that it comes
[03:17.77]Back to me
[03:20.22]Doesn't it scare you
[03:22.59]Your will is not as strong
[03:25.72]As it used to be
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