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John Mayer - Emoji Of A Wave Lyrics

[ar: John Mayer] [ti: Emoji of a Wave] [al: The Search for Everything] [by: ChloryIntanM] [length: 03:59] [00:01.73] [00:03.51] [00:11.75]Oh honey [00...
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2 years ago
[00:11.84]Oh honey [00:15.80]You don't have to try so hard [00:20.53]To hurt me [00:23.43]Don't worry [00:27.40]I been thinking bout you too [00:31.95]What do w...
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8 months ago
[ti:Emoji of a Wave] [ar:John Mayer] [al:The Search for Everything] [by:] [00:00.38]Emoji of a Wave - John Mayer [00:01.48]Written by:John Mayer [00:02.31] [...
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2 months ago