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John Mayer - Gravity (live) Lyrics

[ar:John Mayer]
[ti:Gravity (live)]
[al:Live Trio]
[00:35.44]John Mayer - Gravity
[00:42.79][01:29.87]is working against me
[00:48.70][01:37.33]And gravity
[00:53.48][01:41.99]wants to bring me down

[00:59.76]Oh I'll never know what makes this man
[01:06.38]With all the love that his heart can stand
[01:13.19]Dream of ways to throw it all away

[01:23.89]Oh Gravity

[01:49.54][03:31.62]Oh twice as much
[01:52.81][03:34.53]aint twice as good
[01:55.83][03:43.00]It's wanting more
[01:57.07][03:37.15]And can't sustain
[01:58.54][03:39.76]like a one half could
[02:05.40]That's gonna send me to
[02:10.51]my knees

[03:46.11]That's gonna send me to my knees

[03:54.85]Oh gravity,
[03:59.27]stay the hell away from me
[04:08.63]and gravity,
[04:12.99]has taken better men than me
[04:18.09](Now how can that be?)

[04:19.26][04:25.61]Just keep me where the light is
[04:31.95]Keep you all where the light is
[04:38.11]Just keep us where the light is
[04:43.55]oh just Keep us keep us keep us
[04:47.46]you all where the light is
[04:52.07]Ohh.. where the light is!
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