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John Mayer - Old Love Lyrics

[ar:John Mayer]
[ti:Old Love]
[00:15.27]Artist: John Mayer

[00:22.18]Title: Old Love

[00:30.70]I can feel your body

[00:37.56]When Im lying in my bed

[00:44.47]Theres too much confusion

[00:50.83]Running round through my head

[00:58.04]Its making me so angry

[01:01.49]To know that the flame will always burn

[01:10.61][02:31.48]When will I get over

[01:14.61]When will I ever learn, ever learn

[01:22.27]Old Love, leave me alone

[01:35.94]Old Love, go on home

[01:51.67]I can see your face

[01:58.53]But i know that its not real

[02:05.54]just an illusion

[02:11.90]caused by how i used to feel

[02:18.51]And its making me so angry

[02:22.36]Knowing the flame will always burn

[02:35.23]Come on, when will I ever learn

[02:43.30]Old love, leave me alone

[02:56.81]Old love, go on home

[05:26.09]Old love, love

[05:34.75][05:41.56]Old love
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