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MIka - Grace Kelly Lyrics

[ti:Grace Kelly]

[00:10.72]Do I attract you?
[00:11.53]Do I repulse you with my queasy smile?
[00:14.34]Am I too dirty?
[00:15.40]Am I too flirty?
[00:16.47]Do I like what you like?

[00:18.47]I could be wholesome
[00:19.47]I could be loathsome
[00:20.41]I guess Im a little bit shy
[00:22.28][00:53.53][00:54.53][01:44.59][01:45.66][02:23.80][02:25.05][02:39.48][02:40.67]Why dont you like me?
[00:23.15]Why dont you like me without making me try?

[00:26.03][01:16.78]I try to be like Grace Kelly
[00:30.09][01:20.59]But all her looks were too sad
[00:34.03][01:24.72]So I try a little Freddie
[00:37.41][01:28.53]Ive gone identity mad!

[00:41.54][01:32.34][02:11.74][02:27.80]I could be brown
[00:42.79][01:34.03][02:13.05][02:28.86]I could be blue
[00:43.97][01:34.91][02:14.11][02:29.92]I could be violet sky
[00:45.53][01:36.78][02:15.86][02:31.61]I could be hurtful
[00:46.66][01:37.91][02:17.11][02:32.61]I could be purple
[00:47.66][01:38.91][02:18.17][02:33.67]I could be anything you like
[00:49.41][01:40.72][02:19.73][02:35.55]Gotta be green
[00:50.60][01:41.78][02:20.86][02:36.73]Gotta be mean
[00:51.60][01:42.66][02:21.98][02:37.73]Gotta be everything more
[00:55.60][01:46.78][02:26.42]Why dont you walk out the door!

[00:59.85][01:02.29]How can I help it
[01:03.41]How can I help what you think?
[01:05.22][01:06.16]Hello my baby
[01:07.47]Putting my life on the brink
[01:08.97]Why dont yo like me

[01:10.28]Why dont you like me
[01:11.28]Why dont you like yourself?
[01:13.10]Should I bend over?
[01:14.22]Should I look older just to be put on the shelf?

[01:49.91]Say what you want to satisfy yourself
[01:55.53]But you only want what everybody else says you should want

[02:42.11]Walk out the door!
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