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nelly furtado - force Lyrics

[ar:nelly furtado]
[00:15.95]It is the passion flowing right on through your veins
[00:19.76]And it's the feeling that you're oh so glad you came
[00:23.82]It is the moment you remember you're alive
[00:27.45]It is the air you breathe, the element, the fire
[00:31.32]It is that flower that you took the time to smell
[00:35.26]It is the power that you know you got as well
[00:39.20]It is the fear inside that you can overcome
[00:43.26]This is the orchestra, the rhythm and the drum
[00:46.39][00:54.20][01:33.39][01:41.07][02:27.84][02:35.90]Com uma forca, com uma forca
[00:50.14][01:37.01][02:31.84]Com uma forca que ninguem pode parar
[00:57.82][01:44.51][02:39.40]Com uma fome que ninguem pode matar
[01:02.89]It is the soundtrack of your ever-flowing life
[01:06.45]It is the wind beneath your feet that makes you fly
[01:10.39]It is the beautiful game that you choose to play
[01:14.64]When you step out into the world to start your day
[01:18.26]You show your face and take it in and scream and pray
[01:22.32]You're gonna win it for yourself and us today
[01:25.95]It is the gold, the green, the yellow and the grey
[01:29.89]The red and sweat and tears, the love you go. Hey!
[01:57.15]Closer to the sky, closer, way up high, closer to the sky
Published: 28-10-2016
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