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neyo - Miss Independent Lyrics

[ti:Miss Independent]
[00:12.87]Miss independent
[00:15.29]Miss self-sufficient
[00:17.16]Miss keep your distance
[00:23.47]Miss unafraid
[00:26.01]Miss out of my way
[00:28.03]Miss don't let a man interfere, no
[00:34.31]Miss on her own
[00:36.84]Miss almost grown
[00:38.61]Miss never let a man help her off her throne
[00:43.30]So, by keeping her heart protected
[00:46.52]She'd never ever feel rejected
[00:49.33]Little miss apprehensive
[00:51.70]Said ooh, she fell in love
[00:54.84][01:54.69][02:59.90]What is the feelin' takin' over?
[00:57.70][03:02.56]Thinkin' no one could open my door
[01:00.28]Surprise...It's time
[01:02.89][02:02.99]To feel what's real
[01:05.73][02:05.44][03:10.63]What happened to Miss Independent?
[01:08.32][02:08.13][03:13.34]No more the need to be defensive
[01:11.36]Goodbye, old you
[01:14.12]When love is true
[01:23.35]Misguided heart
[01:25.74]Miss play it smart
[01:27.27]Miss if you want to use
[01:29.13]that line you better not start, no
[01:33.72]But she miscalculated
[01:36.15]She didn't want to end up jaded
[01:38.52]And this miss decided not to miss out on true love
[01:43.09]So, by changing her misconceptions
[01:46.31]She went in a new direction
[01:49.01]And found inside she felt a connection
[01:52.06]She fell in love.
[01:57.30]Thinkin' no one could open my door (open my door)
[02:00.41]Surprise...It's time (yeah)
[02:10.81]Goodbye (goodbye), old you (oh you)
[02:13.88]When love, when love is true
[02:17.20]When Miss Independence walked away
[02:22.84]No time for love that came her way
[02:28.15]She looked in the mirror and thought today
[02:33.66]What happened to miss no longer afraid?
[02:38.67]It took some time for her to see
[02:44.47]How beautiful love could truly be
[02:49.55]No more talk of why can't that be me
[02:54.72]I'm so glad I finally feel...
[03:05.40]Surprise (surprise), it's time (yeah)
[03:08.16]To feel (to feel) what's real
[03:16.19]Goodbye (goodbye), old you
[03:18.94]When love, when love is true...
Published: 25-04-2016
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