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Oasis - A Bell Will Ring Lyrics

[ti:A Bell Will Ring]
[al:Don't Believe The Truth]
[00:24.10]A little space
[00:26.00]A little time
[00:27.96]See what it can do

[00:31.23]A little faith
[00:34.29]Peace of mind
[00:36.25]See what passes through

[00:40.46][01:15.81][01:59.46]The sun will shine on you again
[00:44.24][01:19.93][02:03.49]A bell will ring inside your head
[00:48.72][01:23.61][02:07.37]And all will be brand new

[00:53.12]Come alive
[01:01.32]Come on in
[01:03.32]Something let you know

[01:07.57]The worlds as wide
[01:09.55]As your life is thin
[01:11.15]So entertain your goals

[01:32.64]All will be brand new

[01:41.36]I can tell you what you wanna hear
[01:46.84]I've been there once before
[01:51.24]You brought me through the empty nights
[01:55.22]Sleepless on your floor

[02:25.14][02:16.78]And All will be brand new
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