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Queen - Hijack My Heart Lyrics

[ti:Hijack My Heart]


[00:18.32]Just walking down the street one cloudless sunny day
[00:24.31]Just minding my business thinking my thoughts
[00:27.36]Nothing much to say
[00:29.54]When suddenly I got hit
[00:31.50]Imagine my suprise
[00:34.00]Your smile came up and zapped me right between the eyes
[00:38.47][03:14.15]I'd never seen anything to compare with your smile
[00:43.47][03:18.50]I'd never seen anything that came within miles
[00:47.40][01:28.17][03:23.07]My heart got hijacked by you

[01:00.63]Stuck in the traffic
[01:02.25]Stuck at the lights what do I see
[01:05.09]Some stupid bimbo in a fast car next to me
[01:09.54]She takes off
[01:11.51]Imagine my disgust
[01:14.45]Like a bat out of hell
[01:16.30]I get to eat her dust
[01:19.02]I never had known anything to compare with her laugh
[01:23.81]I'd never known anything that counted by half

[01:43.32][01:51.26][02:40.07][02:47.70][03:33.30][04:03.86]Hijack my heart
[01:55.66]Steals my heart

[02:55.41]Look at the cities
[02:56.84]Look at the streets what do you see
[02:59.78]Look at the faces look at the people they all want to be
[03:04.78]Suddenly hit by something they don't get to choose
[03:09.57]It comes out of nowhere
[03:11.32]Right out of the blue

[03:37.19][03:59.51]Now you really got a hold on me
[03:40.16][03:56.90]You hijacked my heart
[03:42.75]Don't you know you won't let me be
[03:47.66]Stole my heart
[03:50.71]Threw away the key
[03:52.56]Oooee baby what's become of me
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