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Rosemary feat gania - supergirl Lyrics

[ar:Rosemary feat gania]

[00:11.66]Sometimes i feel i`m getting old
[00:17.09]My brain is full of shit
[00:19.83]And i dont wanna know
[00:23.26]The days are back for me to walk
[00:28.79]I have nobody, and i can givin all
[00:33.47]Givin all all the time
[00:36.07]Givin all all the question
[00:39.22]Givin all all the time to be heard
[00:43.90]In my life the complicated thing
[00:47.98]Ruined all the day
[00:50.13]In my life nothing seems to be so bad
[00:55.86][01:07.60][01:53.97][02:05.48][02:29.64]in my heart, in my soul
[00:58.80][01:10.69][01:56.80][02:07.66][02:20.68][02:32.04]in my mind, in my day
[01:02.09][01:13.48][02:00.00][02:11.06][02:23.66][02:34.92]i wanna be a super girl
[01:04.78][01:16.13][02:02.68][02:13.95][02:26.56][02:37.73]I wanna be like that
[01:18.46][01:23.95][01:23.95][02:40.62][02:45.61][02:51.53]I wish that true Wish that is true
[01:29.03][01:29.03]yey yey yeah
[02:18.08]01:53.79]in my heart, in my soul
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