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roxette - i was so lucky Lyrics

[ti:i was so lucky]
[00:13]It’s No Secret I’ve Been Waiting
[00:18]But I Didn’t Expect This
[00:23]Nothing Will Remain
[00:26]Nothing Stays The Same
[00:29]After You Came
[00:34]It’s No Secret I’ve Been Starving
[00:39]I Never Felt Anything For Years
[00:45]I Sat Up All Night
[00:47]Just To Watch Your Smile
[00:50]When You’re Sleeping
[00:55]I Was So Lucky
[00:58]You Came By
[01:01][01:49][03:20]And Turned A Different Corner
[01:07][02:16]I Could’ve Been Somewhere Else
[01:10]You Could’ve Passed By,
[01:16]Could’ve Passed By
[01:22]Come On And Sail The Sea With Me
[01:27]Come On, Let’s Go Around The World
[01:33]Maybe Find A Flat
[01:35]Or A Canyon House
[01:38]For The Season
[01:43][03:14]I Was So Lucky You Came By
[01:54]It Could’ve Been Someone Else
[01:59]You Had In Mind
[02:04]I Was So Lucky You Found Me
[02:10]My Rags Turned Gold And Silver
[02:20]You Could’ve Passed By, Could’ve Passed By
[02:34]What Would You Make Of This, My Baby?
[02:41]The Sun Through The Trees
[02:44]Is There A Better Place To Be?
[03:25]It Could Have Been Someone Else
[03:29]You Had In Mind, Oh My
[03:35]I Was So Lucky You Picked Me
[03:41]My Trash Turned To Silver
[03:46]Yea, I Could Have Been Somewhere Else
[03:51]You Could’ve Passed By, Could’be Passed By
Published: 17-04-2016
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