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roxette - i was so lucky Lyrics

[ti:i was so lucky]
[al:Have A Nice Day ]

[00:13.80]It's no secret I've been waiting
[00:18.77]But I didn't expect this
[00:24.07]Nothing will remain
[00:26.71]Nothing stays the same
[00:29.38]After you came

[00:34.91]It's no secret I've been starving
[00:39.88]I never felt anything for years
[00:45.26]I sat up all night
[00:47.98]Just to watch your smile
[00:50.61]When you're sleeping

[00:55.12][01:43.27][03:13.90]I was so lucky you came by
[01:01.80][01:50.02][03:20.27]And turned a different corner
[01:07.03][02:16.62]I could've been somewhere else
[01:11.08]You could've passed by, could've passed by

[01:22.82]Come on and sail the sea with me
[01:27.91]Come on, let's go around the world
[01:33.73]Maybe find a flat
[01:36.45]Or a canyon house
[01:38.90]For the season

[01:55.22]It could've been someone else
[02:00.16]You had in mind
[02:04.72]I was so lucky you found me
[02:11.22]My rags turned gold and silver
[02:20.71]You could've passed by, you could've passed by

[02:34.10]What would you make of this, my baby?
[02:42.23]The sun through the trees
[02:45.08]Is there a better place to be?

[03:25.64]It could have been someone else
[03:30.10]You had in mind, oh my
[03:35.20]I was so lucky you picked me
[03:41.50]My trash turned to silver
[03:46.21]Yea, I could have been somewhere else
[03:50.77]You could've passed by, you could'be passed by
[04:03.84]oh,my baby
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