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The National - Tall Saint Lyrics

[ar:The National]
[ti:Tall Saint]
[00:08.96]Keep your legs from shaking, fill your eyes with new tears,
[00:13.16]Don't ask questions, you don't know your name,
[00:17.58]Something for everyone, try to win prizes,
[00:22.02]Stay young and quiet.
[00:26.78][01:10.58][02:11.59]Tall Saint, I'm devoted with a glass of champagne to you,
[00:32.78][01:16.47][02:17.39]Bubbles to the chandelier,
[00:36.52][02:20.87]I'm in your hands tonight, Tall Saint,
[00:41.66]Stay behind me.
[00:52.47]Don't tell everybody at the table about your dreams,
[00:57.72]They're too amazing, it'll melt their minds,
[01:01.25]Take 'em to Hollywood, cut out the good parts,
[01:05.61]Become millionaires.
[01:19.90]I've been looking for you all night, Tall Saint,
[01:24.92]Stay behind me now.
[01:31.17][02:40.52]Tall Saint.
[01:37.17][02:46.23]In my city, I didn't make a sound,
[01:40.39][02:49.87]When I fell over and cracked my crown,
[01:44.80][02:54.30]Heard a woman say "stay down,
[01:48.96][02:58.62]Champion, stay down."
[02:26.12]Stay behind me now,
[02:32.05]Tall Saint
[02:34.80]Stay behind me now
[03:03.14]But I got up, got in a car,
[03:07.02]Said "I don't think I'm gonna go very far,"
[03:11.50]Just take me one time around the ballroom slow,
[03:15.47]And take me home.
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