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Toni Braxton - Candlelight Lyrics

[al:Toni Braxton]
[ar:Toni Braxton]
[00:15.63]Day and night
[00:20.68]It's a Candlelight babe
[00:32.03]Lonely in bed
[00:35.32]At night
[00:37.63]And it never feels right
[00:42.11]I toss and turn
[00:45.05]Each night
[00:47.61]Till the morning light
[00:51.04]But just the thought of you
[00:55.34]Sends chills up and down my spine
[01:01.21]Just knowing you'll be here real soon
[01:05.77]Makes everything alright

[01:13.82][04:13.26][04:33.41]It makes it special
[01:16.70][02:16.71][02:36.87][03:36.61][03:56.85][04:16.94]Me and you
[01:18.19][04:18.25]On a rare occasion
[01:21.88][02:41.79][04:01.65][04:21.56]Candlelight a special night
[01:26.50][02:46.78][04:26.92]Seeing you is a sweet sensation

[01:32.71]Memories of you
[01:35.21]Your arm baby,
[01:37.64]Squeezing me close to your heart
[01:41.44]Shadows in the dark, baby
[01:47.77]Of you kissing every part
[01:51.09]And knowing we can share it all
[01:55.39]And still be
[01:58.07]Still be free
[02:00.69]For each and every magic moment
[02:05.74]Will last for eternity, ohhh baby

[02:13.40]It makes it special (me and you)
[02:18.03]On a rare occasion (tonight yea)
[02:22.01]Candlelight a special night (holding your hand)
[02:26.56]Seeing you is a sweet sensation (I wanna hold you)

[02:31.87]Candlelight (I wanna feel you)
[02:33.61][03:53.48]It makes it special(you belong to me)
[02:38.29]On a rare occasion ( I wanna hold ya baby)

[02:51.45]And my love for you
[02:55.14]Will never fade away
[03:00.75]I'll save a special spot
[03:03.50]For you baby always
[03:09.63]Don't you know my heart
[03:12.38]Has made for you
[03:15.20]A special place
[03:20.49]Ohh Don't you know, don't you know,
[03:23.23]don't you know baby
[03:25.05]Call on me
[03:26.55]When you want me
[03:27.92]When you need me
[03:29.23]I'm here for you

[03:33.36]It makes it special(baby baby)
[03:37.97]On a rare occasion (just me and you tonight yea)
[03:42.30]Candlelight a special night(ohhh oh yea)
[03:46.80]Seeing you is a sweet sensation( I wanna hold ya)

[03:52.00]Candlelight (I wanna feel ya)
[03:58.16]On a rare occasion( I wanna hold ya close to mine baby)
[04:06.65]Seeing you is a sweet sensation (you are mine)
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