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Ultravox - Serenade Lyrics

[00:21.06][01:09.94][02:26.66][03:21.85][04:15.96][04:27.83][04:39.90][04:52.32]In rhythm and swing, serenade
[00:27.37][01:16.20][02:32.67][03:27.86][04:21.47][04:33.79][04:46.21][05:01.08]The gift that we bring, serenade
[00:32.38][01:21.16][02:37.68][03:32.77][03:57.74]Youth runs wild with the beat in their hearts
[00:38.04][01:27.07][02:43.64][03:38.77][04:03.44]Dance the wild dance, beat torn apart

[00:44.40]Voices ringing in their heads
[00:47.20]Their crashing hands in time
[00:50.31]In sequence and in rhyme

[00:55.81][03:01.96]The chant of a thousand-fold
[00:59.52][03:05.22]The song of a million strong
[01:02.63][03:08.42]Echoes the perfect praise, serenade

[01:33.18]From the mouths of babes and fools
[01:36.68]Haunting melodies
[01:39.28]With gracefulness and ease

[01:45.40]Compose their gifted words
[01:48.50]Orchestrate their moves
[01:51.80]Echo the perfect praise, serenade

[02:50.10]The prophets tell the tale
[02:53.00]The legend in the lines
[02:55.90]The fable and the rhymes

[03:46.72]In rhythm and swing
[03:52.32]The gift that we bring
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