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Unique - Wherever You Are (feat. Charice) Lyrics

[ti:Wherever You Are (feat. Charice)]
[al:From Brooklyn To You]

[00:02.00]Unique - Wherever You Are (Feat. Charice)
[00:10.87][01:44.53][02:57.72][03:41.74]So I'll be with you like a shadow
[00:14.07][01:48.15][03:01.22][03:45.50]'Cause you're the one I want, I really really want
[00:16.42][01:50.26][03:03.47][03:47.63]Really 'cause I want you that close
[00:19.29][01:53.55][03:06.53][03:50.76]'Cause you're the one that's on my mind
[00:21.64][01:55.16][03:09.03][03:53.32]I'll be right behind holding you just fine
[00:27.13][02:00.91][03:14.16][03:58.51]Oh ooh oh, oh ooh oh
[00:29.74][02:03.78][03:16.97][04:01.14]You won't be lonely tonight
[00:32.09][00:42.54][04:04.01][04:14.07]No matter the time or the distance apart
[00:37.32][04:09.01]I'll be with you, just close your eyes
[00:47.76][04:19.13]I'll be with you, wherever you are
[00:54.03]Whenever I'm on the road
[00:55.86]Baby don't think I forgot about you
[00:58.74]Gotta leave, Gotta run this show
[01:01.09]Wish I could pause time
[01:03.44][02:16.53]A million things are going on
[01:05.53][02:18.66]But I know where I belong
[01:08.14][02:21.28]And that's with you... ooh...
[01:12.84][02:26.31]Ah ah ah ah
[01:14.93]Boy I know you have to go
[01:16.50]And everything within me is gonna miss ya
[01:19.37]I'll be here waiting for your call
[01:21.72]Before I close my eyes
[01:24.07][02:37.22]Is this love or am I dreamin'?
[01:26.43][02:39.57]Am I up or am I sleepin'?
[01:29.30][02:42.70]Yes, I might be delusional
[01:32.17][02:45.32]'Cause it feels so unusual
[01:34.81][02:48.71]I don't want this feeling to end with you baby
[01:40.01][02:52.89]I don't wanna lose this tonight
[02:06.54]If ever you should feel alone
[02:08.97]Baby call my name and I'll be right there
[02:11.72]Through the cold and the darkest storms
[02:14.16]I'll be right on time
[02:27.81]Even though we're miles apart
[02:29.64]I'mma hold it down just like a soldier
[02:32.52]'Cause I'm yours and you stole my heart
[02:34.87]Love you got to keep
[03:19.60]Every little step you take
[03:21.98][03:27.23]I'll be with you like a shadow
[03:24.66]Every little move you make
[03:29.85]Even when my hands can't touch you
[03:32.48]I can feel your love
[03:35.08]If you feel you're missing me tonight
[03:38.08]All you have to do is close your eyes
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