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Unknown Brain - Superhero Lyrics

[ar: Unknown Brain]
[ti: Superhero]
[by: KaishKhan1234]
[offset: 1000]
[length: 02:59]
[00:02.00][Verse 1: Chris Linton]
[00:02.52]Like you, be strong, to hold the powers of the sun
[00:15.29]To dream, believe, in strength now I’m the only one, only one
[00:31.28]I was an ordinary boy
[00:37.35]Until I broke the rules, my life destroyed, my life destroyed
[00:47.14]Until I woke awake, scream my mind I shout the ground
[00:54.99]How much can I take? My mind will break
[01:01.53]Will it break?
[01:05.99]What can I take?
[01:10.27]Can I be your superhero?
[01:17.68]| 1.2.....3.....GO.... |
[01:29.48]Can I be your superhero?
[01:33.45]Superhero, superhero, superhero
[01:47.66][Verse 2: Chris Linton]
[01:50.66]Fly up, away, it’s the first time of today, today
[02:03.79]To dream, believe, you are the strength, you’re all i need, need,
[02:16.34]Oh, gonna give it a shot, only one of me, to shoot you off from
[02:22.00]the enemy
[02:24.83]Your superhero
[02:28.10]Your superhero.........
[02:39.91]Can I be your superhero?
[02:43.91]Superhero, superhero, superhero
[02:52.86]Can I be your superhero?
[02:56.00]Thanks For Listining And SInging With The HElp of THIS LYRICS.. PLZ RATE IT.......
Published: 30-05-2017
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