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Villagers - Twenty Seven Strangers Lyrics

[ar: Villagers]
[ti: Twenty Seven Strangers]
[al: Becoming A Jackal]
[by: nerdnoc90]
[length: 03:24]
[00:13.92]The bus was late
[00:16.79]And forced us all to congregate
[00:20.16]Twenty-seven strangers
[00:22.78]Made to stand and wait
[00:27.08]The time went by
[00:29.58]The sun went down
[00:31.45]A baby cried
[00:33.51]I just stood in line
[00:39.06]But there is no cue
[00:43.06]No stage hand saying what to do
[00:46.36]And you are me
[00:48.17]And I am you
[01:03.59]The bus it came
[01:06.33]And everybody loaded in
[01:09.89]Twenty-seven strangers
[01:12.64]In a moving can
[01:17.00]The fluorescent light
[01:19.81]Doubled everyone inside
[01:23.12]The baby's face reflected
[01:25.99]In the shopfronts in the sky
[01:30.92]But faces change
[01:33.23]And rules they all get rearranged
[01:36.16]And photographs
[01:37.72]All fade away
[01:53.44]The bus broke down
[01:56.00]At the graveyard on the edge of town
[01:59.31]Twenty-seven strangers
[02:02.43]Separate without a sound
[02:06.92]So I walked home
[02:09.42]Just feeling nothing on my own
[02:14.29]Noticing that tree of yours
[02:15.85]I've been watching it grow
[02:20.09]So that's why I'm late
[02:22.65]My dearest one what can I say
[02:25.58]And tomorrow it could be the same
[02:29.33]When I do it all again
Published: 07-12-2018
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