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Waxahatchee - 8 Ball Lyrics

[ar: Waxahatchee]
[ti: 8 Ball]
[al: Out in the Storm]
[by: evil_commander]
[length: 02:49]
[00:00.65]Waxahatchee - 8 Ball
[00:10.73]I'll go away
[00:14.39]You let me take my own damn car
[00:18.19]To Brooklyn, NY, USA
[00:23.63]I'll dream
[00:26.35]Embarrassing reverie
[00:30.07]I'm all detached feeling like myself
[00:33.76]I'll drink too much, I'll cause a big scene
[00:39.14]And I'll breathe
[00:41.70]I don't care who sees
[00:45.31]I'll be nobody
[00:49.33]I'll be the wind blowing through the leaves
[00:54.21]When I fall
[00:57.01]I will not be ashamed at all
[01:00.87]You'll see a failure
[01:04.68]You wanna brand my losing streak
[01:08.49]You wanna be the 8 ball
[01:27.81]I curiously catch your eye
[01:31.55]The blood that's keeping it alive
[01:35.24]Is the illusion of the limelight
[01:43.79]The tragically misunderstood
[01:47.06]And you will bury the bad blood
[01:50.77]I am remiss
[01:52.90]I am bodiless output
[01:56.75]What you see
[01:58.88]It could not possibly be me
[02:02.47]I'm your diversion
[02:06.39]I am the wind blowing down your trees
[02:11.27]It's plain
[02:14.28]I lit the groundwork up in flames
[02:17.92]We watch the smoke rise
[02:22.07]You wanna name my weakness
[02:25.59]You wanna be the rain
Published: 18-12-2017
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