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Yoona - Amazing Grace Lyrics

[ar: Yoona]
[ti: Amazing Grace]
[al: The K2 OST (Part 3)]
[by: K-Pop LRC Files]
[length: 02:13]
[00:28.08]Amazing grace
[00:33.29]How sweet the sound
[00:39.35]That saved a wretch like me
[00:51.04]I once was lost
[00:56.41]But now I’m found
[01:02.73]Was blind but now I see
[01:15.62]‘Twas grace that
[01:19.54]Taught my heart to fear
[01:26.88]And grace my fear relieved
[01:38.74]How precious did
[01:44.44]That grace appear
[01:49.82]The hour I first believed
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Published: 08-09-2017
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