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Red - Already Over Lyrics

[ti:Already Over]
[al:end of silence]

[00:00.00][03:43.48]Already over

[00:39.99]You never go
[00:44.21]You're always here
[00:47.46](Suffocating me)
[00:49.29]Under my skin
[00:53.49]I cannot run away
[00:57.97]Fading slowly

[01:03.35][01:51.24][03:05.07]I Give it all to you
[01:06.14][01:53.69][03:07.45]Letting go of me
[01:08.48][01:56.11][03:09.79]Reaching as I fall
[01:11.06][01:58.60][03:12.42][03:21.76]I know it's already over now
[01:15.11][02:02.97][03:16.79]Nothing left to lose
[01:17.70][02:05.21][03:19.01]Loving you again
[01:20.44][02:07.96][03:40.24]I know it's already over
[01:23.58][02:11.16][02:54.24]Already over now

[01:27.55]My best defense
[01:32.01]Running from you
[01:34.65](Cost me everything)
[01:36.83]I can't resist
[01:41.15]Take all you want from me
[01:45.45]Breaking slowly

[02:17.64]You're all I'm reaching for
[02:25.42][02:51.76]It's already over
[02:27.02]All I'm reaching for
[02:33.58][03:32.05]It's already over now

[02:43.78]Give it all to you
[02:48.26]Offer up my soul
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