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Il Divo - Somewhere Lyrics

[ar:Il Divo]
[ti:Somewhere ]
[00:00.55]Artist: Il Divo -
[00:02.42]Title: Somewhere
[00:04.36]By: Rosa Alves
[00:06.11][01:33.09]There's a place for us,
[00:12.49]Somewhere a place for us.
[00:20.05]Peace and quiet and open air
[00:26.42]Wait for us
[00:34.80]There's a time for us,
[00:42.92]Some day a time for us,
[00:49.98][01:48.47]Time together and time to spare,
[00:57.03][01:55.10]Time to learn, time to care ...
[01:04.34][02:02.66]Some day
[01:11.10][02:09.78]We'll find a new way of living,
[01:18.53][02:16.60]We'll find a way of forgiving
[01:24.53][02:23.84]Somewhere ...
[01:41.28]Somewhere a place for us
[02:53.35]Hold my hand and I'll take you there
[03:04.40]Some day,
[03:21.72]FIM - END
Published: 02-04-2016
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