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ace of base - all that she wants Lyrics

[ar:ace of base]
[ti:all that she wants]

[00:00.91][Ace of Base - All that she wants]

[00:10.41][00:15.79]She leeds a lonely life

[00:30.35]When she woke up late in the morning light
[00:32.97]and the day has just begun
[00:35.54]she opened her eyes and thought
[00:38.60]o' what a morning
[00:41.04]it's not a day for work
[00:43.16]it's a day for catching tan
[00:45.72]just laying on the beach and having fun
[00:49.47][01:53.54]she's going to get you

[00:51.35][00:56.22][01:01.41][01:06.60][01:55.22][02:00.35][02:05.48][02:10.54][02:36.60][02:41.29][02:46.47][02:51.54]All that she wants is another baby
[00:54.66][01:04.85][01:58.54][02:08.91][02:39.72][02:49.91]she's gone tomorrow boy

[01:20.91][01:31.10](All that she wants)

[01:33.29]so if you are in sight and the day is right
[01:36.85]she's the hunter you're the fox
[01:39.53]the gentle voice that talks to you
[01:42.79]won't talk forever
[01:45.22]it's a night for passion
[01:47.35]but the morning means goodbye
[01:49.66]beware of that is flashing on her eyes


[03:07.10][03:12.41]All that she wants
[03:17.29][GulDukat, 2007]
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