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Britney Spears - Crazy (The Stop Remix) Lyrics

[ar:Britney Spears]
[ti:Crazy (The Stop Remix)]
[al:(You Drive Me) Crazy]
[00:00.01]Britney Spears - (You Drive Me) Crazy [The Stop Remix!]
[00:01.50]Taken from the 1999 Single (You Drive Me) Crazy



[00:16.19]Baby, I'm so into you
[00:20.79]You've got that something, what can I do?
[00:25.60]Baby, you spin me around, ...ow
[00:30.10]The earth is movin, but I can't feel the ground

[00:34.66]Everytime you look at me
[00:39.43]My heart is jumpin', it's easy to see

[00:42.97][01:30.30][03:05.44]You drive me crazy
[00:45.95][01:33.28][02:40.03]I just can't sleep
[00:48.84][01:36.28][02:42.86]I'm so excited, I'm in too deep
[00:52.38]Ohh, Ohh, Ohh... Crazy,
[00:55.06][01:42.35][02:49.28][03:08.11]But it feels alright
[00:58.05][01:45.39][02:33.25][02:52.02][03:10.90]Baby thinking of you keeps me up all night

[01:02.75]Tell me, you're so into me
[01:07.97]That I'm the only one you will see
[01:12.33]Tell me I'm not in the blue, ...ow
[01:17.23]That I'm not wastin' my feelins on you

[01:21.80]Everytime I look at you
[01:26.61]My heart is jumping, what can I do?

[01:39.82][02:46.50]Ohh, Ohh, Ohh... Crazy

[01:54.58]Ohh, Ohh yeah yeah
[01:56.91]You drive me crazy,
[02:00.82][02:56.37]Sing it
[02:01.57]oh oh oh Crazy (yeah)
[02:05.51]Heeeey (uuuuuuuuuh)


[02:17.21]Oh Oh yeah
[02:19.13]You drive me crazy, baby
[02:24.10]Excited, I'm in too deep
[02:27.43]Ohh, Ohh, Ohh
[02:28.84]Oh but it feels alright

[02:37.19]You drive me crazy (crazy)

[03:03.11]Ooh, ooh, yeah
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