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PAULINA RUBIO - Stereo Lyrics


[00:05.68][01:09.70][02:09.04][03:08.20][03:27.36]It's very clear to me, just like it's in 3d
[00:10.53][01:14.86][02:12.59][03:13.55][03:33.02]When total empathy sounds like it's ringing on my stereo
[00:15.57][01:19.65][02:19.18][03:17.97][03:38.56]I'm bouncing off the wall, the way you turn me on
[00:20.36][01:25.19][02:24.10][03:23.19][03:40.49]I think I like this song, sounds like it's ringing on my stereo

[00:29.13]Deep in the scene, like the music getting fascinating
[00:34.80]Touching the screen, like the view from my imagination
[00:39.66]Ninety degrees, got me circulating
[00:43.51]I've been waiting, Impatiently
[00:46.44]Got me changing stations on occasion

[00:50.29][01:49.57]What's your frequency?
[00:52.41][01:51.94]Can you connect with me?
[00:54.83][01:54.55]If it's alright your satellite can be my energy

[00:59.87][01:59.40]Don't wanna be too bizarre but you're the key to my heart
[01:04.85][02:04.13]You're my electric guitar, sounds like it's ringing on my stereo

[01:29.61]Survive the people's faces, they're dancing from temptation
[01:34.52]Her icky style is wasted, you don't need no invitation
[01:39.81]Hey there cutey boys
[01:42.36]Making all the noise
[01:44.72]It's getting hard up in here
[01:47.15]You don't have a choice

[02:27.52][Pretty Willie's Rap]
[02:28.45]Oooohhh, Heeeey, Ooooh
Published: 02-04-2016
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