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sugar ray - when it's over Lyrics

[ar:sugar ray]
[ti:when it's over]
[al:Sugay Ray]
[00:00.00]Artist: Sugar Ray
[00:05.00]Title: When It's Over
[00:09.00]Album: Sugar Ray
[00:13.17][02:17.62][02:37.09]When it's over
[00:14.70][02:39.40]That's the time I fall in love again
[00:21.82][02:27.59]And when it's over
[00:24.26]That's the time you're in my heart again
[00:30.20]And when you go go go go
[00:35.14][01:23.97][02:11.81]I know
[00:38.26][00:40.45][01:26.28][02:14.12][02:16.50]It never ends
[00:41.63][01:29.66][02:46.65][03:05.84][03:25.10]All the things that I used to say
[00:43.95][01:32.03][02:48.96][03:08.09][03:27.35]All the words that got in the way
[00:46.45][01:34.35][02:51.28][03:10.53][03:29.91]All the things that I used to know
[00:48.26][00:57.82][01:36.35][01:45.78][02:53.28][03:02.84][03:12.46][03:22.21][03:31.73]Have gone out the window
[00:51.26][01:39.35][02:56.15][03:15.40]All the things that she used to bring
[00:53.57][01:41.66][02:58.40][03:17.65]All the songs she used to sing
[00:56.01][01:44.10][03:00.96][03:20.09]All the favorite TV shows
[00:59.55][01:08.31]I'm missing you
[01:03.37]I never knew how much she'd loved me
[01:12.94]I never knew how much you meant to me
[01:17.47][02:05.30]I need you and when you go go go go
[01:28.78]Never ends
[01:47.05][01:56.86]I'm wishing you
[01:50.99]You never said you were pretending
[02:00.80]You feel the same and just come back to me
[02:20.12]Can I still come over
[02:30.03]Is it really over
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